3 Things to ask a property agent in Singapore

3 Things to ask a property agent in Singapore


If there is one thing every adult considers to be an achievement, it is to be able to buy property in Singapore. Whether it’s an apartment, a condominium, or a house, every adult wants it and is aiming for it. There would be no greater joy than to see your hard-earned money be invested in something that will last a long time. This would be a tricky process as we all want it to be the perfect one. With that being said, how do we make sure that we are buying the right one? HOw do we make sure that we are buying what would really make us satisfied and fulfilled? This is where a Singapore property agent comes in the picture. When deciding or looking to buy property in Singapore, the help of an agent must be put into consideration and be deemed as important. Since they are the ones who are considered to be professional and well-versed in these kinds of procurements. You would not want to be making impulsive decisions with this big step and risk your money. You want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth with something that would satisfy you. You can find and contact property Conveyancing Brisbane online and easily can ask any questions regarding property Conveyancing Melbourne our friendly staff is always there to help you.

As we try to find the perfect property, the first decision to make is to find the right agent. Therefore, in this article we will discuss how to land the right property agent by talking about the 3 things to ask a Singapore property agent.

What is your experience as a Singapore property agent?

Getting into details about once professional experience is a daunting task as the right agent should have an impressive history. First question about your agent’s experience can be about how long he or she has been doing this. Although the amount of time one has spent in an industry does not equate to their skills, it will always be an important factor. This can help you gauge how much your agent knows about the industry and how they can help you buy property in Singapore. Therefore, it shall help you gauge just by how much you should set your expectations. After this, you can go on and ask about their successful sales history. One might be a Singapore property agent longer than the other but has made less sales than someone who has only been doing it for a shorter period of time. This could tell you a lot as you would then question why someone who has been in the industry longer has made leser sales. It might be telling of their skills and talents as a realtor. Therefore, always take note of their successful sales history.

Following these questions, you can ask about their marketing strategies or how they scout potential homes for you. As there are different agents, there will also be different scouting styles. Their marketing strategies can also be telling of how passionate they are about doing this job. One might go to the ends of the earth to find you the perfect match, while the other might check on a few then give up. It is important to know how passionate they are about their jobs because it would guarantee your satisfaction. With this comes how knowledgeable they are with the neighborhood they are offering you. A great Singapore property agent is someone who knows the ABCs of your neighborhood. A great property agent would not put you in a neighborhood that is not safe.

How would you make sure that I am getting what I asked for?

This question is related to the point made above. Your demand when you buy property in Singapore goes from the price range you have set, interior design of your property, to the type of neighborhood you want to be in. Your Singapore property agent’s marketing strategy directly affects their strategies in finding the perfect  property for you. As I have said, one can go searching until the other end of the world while others will give up after a few property searches. Therefore, it is important to note their skills on finding the perfect property. This way, you would not be wasting your time waiting for something that your agent cannot achieve.

What do your past clients tell you about you?

All the questions above are easy to answer in a way that it would make your agent look like the best fit for you. However, one of the most important factors is what their previous clients have to say about their service. A Singapore property agent can easily be the best in the marketing side but you also need to take into consideration the way they treat their clients in the process.

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