4 Ways School Teaching Jobs in Qatar Will Improve Your Life

4 Ways School Teaching Jobs in Qatar Will Improve Your Life


In fact, school teaching jobs in Qatar pay well. You will be able to earn more as a school teacher in Qatar than you would in other countries. The country is willing to pay its teachers handsomely for their service, especially compared to its neighbors.

Most school teaching jobs in Qatar will include free housing.

One of the most notable benefits of school teaching jobs in Qatar is that housing is usually included.

Typically, employers either provide housing or offer a significant housing allowance to cover rental costs. The amount and type of housing varies; sometimes you will get an apartment, and other times it will be a villa.

Housing allowances can range from $750 to $2500 per month and are typically enough to cover the rent on a one-bedroom apartment. These allowances can also be used for utilities and furniture.

A school teaching job in Qatar will provide excellent health care benefits.

You’ll be glad to know that Qatar is a country that provides free, high-quality health care to its citizens. That means that as a teacher in Qatar, you’ll have access to top-notch hospitals and doctors.

You will also be eligible for full medical coverage. This includes 100% coverage of your hospital visits and operations, as well as 50% of your prescription costs.

Those same medical benefits will extend to your dependents as well, so they won’t need travel insurance before they come to visit you in the country. And there’s more: Your employer will even cover the cost of dental checkups every six months.

Qatar also offers comprehensive vision coverage for all employees, including teachers. You and your dependents will get an eye exam every year and $100 toward prescription eyewear or contacts when it becomes necessary.

There are additional benefits if you develop serious eye issues like cataracts or glaucoma down the line too.

The health benefits don’t stop there though. When signing on for a teaching job in Qatar, you can also expect life insurance (5x salary), disability insurance (60% of salary), and accidental death & dismemberment insurance (200% of salary).

Many teaching jobs in other countries don’t offer any kind of benefits package at all but this one will keep you safe with lots of excellent financial protections.

You can save money

School teaching jobs in Qatar help you save money and also travel to some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world.

We know that a great salary is not the only thing that attracts teachers to the profession; we also want to travel and experience new cultures. When you work for Reach To Teach, we will do our best to help you find a school that is located near other countries.

If you’re teaching in Doha, for example, it is quite easy to travel to Dubai, Bahrain, and Oman on the weekends. Teachers working in other cities like Al Khor and Al Rayyan will be closer to exciting cities like Abu Dhabi, Manama, and Muscat.

Wherever your school location might be, there are sure to be plenty of locations nearby that make excellent weekend or holiday destinations.

Personal growth

There is much room for personal growth with a school teaching job in Qatar.

You will be helping children to learn and grow. One of the most rewarding parts of teaching is being able to see the results of your work. In a school setting, this means seeing children learn and develop as people through the work you have done with them. This can be incredibly gratifying for many teachers.

You will be able to learn new things yourself. If you decide to take on a school teaching job in Qatar, it is likely that you will need some training before you start your job, whether it is completing a course or learning another language. This will prepare you for your new role in a way that could be very useful later in life as well, making it possible for you to find work in other settings that make use of these skills should you choose to do so later on.

You will be able to travel and see the world. School teaching jobs can take place all over the world, but they tend to operate under similar rules wherever they are located. This means that your experience working as a teacher at one school in Qatar can easily translate into another position at an entirely different location if you really want it to–which also means more opportunities for travel. It can also mean more opportunities for career advancement if your current position doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, or if there are simply no more positions available in schools near where you live now because there are already so many good teachers who live nearby.

You will have a chance to meet new people and make new friends. While working at any job might allow someone access to some interesting social circles with interesting people doing interesting things (and maybe even having some fun), nice pay scales like those offered by Qatar’s top schools make meeting interesting people easier than ever before. That’s right–you don’t just get paid well when working as an educator here–but think about how much better life would become if everyone around knew what kind of person they were dealing with while doing