5 Tools Every Auto Enthusiast Needs

5 Tools Every Auto Enthusiast Needs


Playing with cars has come naturally ever since you were able to grasp a toy, so keeping your enthusiasm about it as an adult makes sense. Adulthood actually grants new and exciting ways to play with cars, as you are better able to create a space in which to work on vehicles, design and execute customization plans, and build your dream car. All you need is a workspace and the right tools. Here are five tools every good grease monkey needs:

1. Socket Set

Arguably one of the most usable tools for any garage or home, a socket set is indispensable for an auto enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time mechanic, secure yourself a good socket set that includes both standard and metric sizes.

2. Assorted Wrenches

Among your tools, be sure to keep an assortment of good wrenches. If you can, find a set that features a ratcheting box end so that you don’t need to replace the wrench every time you turn it. A good torque wrench will also come in handy, especially when tightening bolts to its proper specifications.

3. Drip Pan

Working on cars is a messy job. Even if you don’t mind a little grease, the accumulation of it over time can present issues, not the least of which is slippery buildup that can present a physical danger. A drip pan can be as homemade as a piece of cardboard, but a solid drip pan will prevent stains on the garage floor while keeping your grease monkey tracks off of the carpet in the house.

4. Service Manuals

Every car is different, and having the factory service manual handy while you’re working on a car can be like having a treasure map. Need specifications or tutorials on a particular item? Check the manual. If the car you’re working on doesn’t have one in the glove box, you may be able to find a PDF of one online.

5. Trusted Machining Contacts

You may not always have access to every type of part you want or need for your vehicle. However, there is no reason for you to have to create everything yourself. Working with a great contract machining company can be the key to securing just the right part for your dream car. Relying on expert services and commercial fabrication capabilities can ensure that everything is made just right.

Building your tool box is an important part of any garage project. Having exactly what you need when you need it can make the hobby of working on cars more fulfilling while moving your projects forward in a seamless way.