Are You Moving Abroad? How to Pack & Ship Your Belongings

Are You Moving Abroad? How to Pack & Ship Your Belongings


If you have decided to move abroad, preparing first before calling the movers is vital. You need to know what you can or cannot ship abroad. It may be cheaper to replace some items when you get to your destination than to pay for their shipping. Know the cost of living in your new country to see if you can afford to buy new furniture and appliances rather than shipping them. However, relocating abroad does not have to be challenging. Here is how you pack and ship your stuff.

1. Sort Out Your Stuff

The first step to moving abroad is sorting out your belongings. You need to reduce the load as much as possible to reduce shipping costs. Divide the items into four piles: sell, donate, move, and store. You might have to sell or donate most of the items. You can replace these non-sentimental items if you have to use them abroad. Donate the ones under donation and keep aside what you intend to take with you. It may also be a good idea to store some items and sort them out later.

2. Things to Bring and What Not To

Unlike moving to the same city or town, moving overseas is different. There are items you cannot bring onboard, and some are not allowed in your destination. Generally, you should not store important documents with the rest of the stuff. You should also not ship valuable items and jewelry. Other prohibited items include perishable goods, explosives, plants, firearms, hazardous materials, and illegal drugs.

3. Book the Right International Movers Early

Moving abroad is difficult, so you need an experienced and reliable moving company. If you have to look for one at the last minute, you may experience some problems. Choosing a great moving company like Meyer Moving is a process that involves checking reviews and testimonials, types of services, reputation, insurance, and licensing. So, start searching early and book them, especially if you are moving during peak season.

4. Conduct a Garage Sale

After identifying the items you want to sell, consider conducting a garage sale a month before the moving day. The sale will help remove the leftovers and get additional cash to cater to some expenses. You can make it fun by planning a farewell party or a barbeque party and inviting people.

5. Gather Packing Supplies

After you know what to bring along to the new country, start gathering packing supplies. Get boxes made in different sizes, bubble wrap, seal tape, and other necessary items. have a list of the items you need to pack your belongings. Doing it early will eliminate stress and give you ample time to handle everything.

6. Get Through Customs

This might be a difficult part of moving abroad. Some countries are lenient when assessing the personal belongings of foreigners, while others are strict. How you will be handled at the customs depends on your country’s restrictions, the customs office, and the agent assessing you.

Final Words

These are simple tips for packing and shipping your belongings abroad. It is advisable to start early and research the country’s regulations on shipping items. Being informed will help avoid the stress of moving abroad and the headaches on the road.