Fascinating Facts about Plants That Will Brain-Freeze You

Fascinating Facts about Plants That Will Brain-Freeze You


We all are helplessly enticed by the plants, right? Plants that make us smile and make us feel refreshed and alive are the best gift bestowed by Mother Nature. Likewise, there are a number of facts and figures about the plant kingdom that might shock you as well. There are plants that are very familiar to us yet we may not know many facts about them. I know you would want to know them, right? When you order plants online, you might not consider the facts and figures about the plants already. However, this article would enlighten you to unfold many facts about plants that will take you by surprise. Moreover, if you are a parent and want to widen the horizon of knowledge of your child, then this article is just apt for you.

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that the plant kingdom is pretty wide. There are a number of plants that you must be aware of already. However, there are a billion unfolded facts about them that will shock you to the core. The more the number of plants the more you would be exposed to facts that will make you keen to know more about these plants. So, let’s get started with these facts straight away.

  • Did you know that we use more than 2000 plants to make our food more delicious and healthy? So, if you are blessed enough to ingest delicious food at home, go and thank these plants that make your food more interesting.
  • As we know that bamboo is one such plant that has a rapid growth rate. However, you might not be aware of the fact that a bamboo tree can grow up to 3.2 feet in a single day.
  • The common caffeine has been used as a pesticide for the coffee plant.
  • The volume of your favorite fruit, apple, nearly comprises 25% of air hence, it floats on the water effortlessly. So, now you know it ain’t got any magical power.
  • The amount of greenery you see around you is nothing. Yes, you heard men right. 85% of plant species happen to be found under the ocean. No, when you buy indoor plants online, they are not from the ocean until you grab an antique species.
  • Skin irritation or allergy can be caused by the Poison Ivy due to its production of skin irritants.
  • There are a number of carnivorous plants in the world as well. The most common ones are venus fly traps that eat spiders and little ants. Have you heard of any plants eating ants and spiders before? No, right? But Venus flytraps do.
  • Another very popular fruit, Banana, is derived from an Arabic word which means fingers.
  • The fertilizers that are used to make sure a healthy and fast growth of the plants, likewise, manure is a fertilizer too that is made from animal waste.
  • The average amount of water content in cabbage is 91%.
  • You would be surprised to know that there are more than 300,000 sources of plants in the world that are still expanding and yet to be discovered.
  • Another surprising fact that would blow off your mind is that till the plant turns 50 years old they do not manufacture acorn.
  • To your surprise, cucumber is not a vegetable, it is a fruit.
  • Have you ever seen the dreadful sight of lightning? Well, that is more often to happen in oak trees than on any other plant.
  • The name of the plant Elephant grass tree is named after the reason behind that it grows up to 3.4 meter high which is capable enough to hide an elephant in it.
  • Banana has a natural chemical in it by default which can make people feel happy instantly.
  • Around 7000 years ago, the first time potatoes were invented in Peru.
  • The famous and popular country Brazil is named after a plant, shocking right.
  • Tomatoes and avocados also fall under the category of fruits.
  • Onions are natural sedatives that can make you fall asleep when eaten in huge amounts.

So, these were some fascinating facts about plants that you may or may not be aware of but most of them happen to shock you, right? Yes, they do. There are any more facts to be unfolded about plants that can shock you.