Green Colour Lehenga and Grey Suit: A Trendy and Elegant Combination for Indian Brides and Grooms

Green Colour Lehenga and Grey Suit: A Trendy and Elegant Combination for Indian Brides and Grooms


When it comes to wedding attire, Indian brides and grooms are constantly seeking unique and trendy combinations to make a lasting impression on their special day. One such combination that has been gaining popularity is the pairing of a green colour lehenga for the bride and a grey suit for the groom. This trendy ensemble not only exudes elegance but also offers a refreshing twist to traditional wedding attire. Let’s explore the charm and allure of this stylish combination for Indian couples.

Green Lehengafor Brides

Green, often associated with nature and freshness, is a versatile and calming colour that has long been a favourite among brides. A green colourlehenga adds a vibrant touch to the bridal ensemble, symbolising fertility, prosperity and new beginnings. From emerald green to mint green, there are numerous shades to choose from, allowing brides to find the perfect hue that complements their skin tone and personal style.

The beauty of a green colourlehenga lies not only in its colour but also in its intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship. From delicate threadwork and intricate embroidery to sparkling sequins and stunning zari work, the embellishments on a green lehenga truly elevate its elegance. Moreover, the rich fabric choices like silk, velvet, and georgette enhance the beauty and grace of the ensemble, adding a touch of luxury to the overall look.

Grey Suits for Grooms

With the bride dressed in a stunning green colourlehenga, the groom can make a fashion statement of his own by choosing a grey suit. Grey, often associated with sophistication and modernity, offers a refreshing alternative to traditional black or navy suits. The understated elegance of a grey suit perfectly complements the vibrancy and grandeur of the green lehenga, creating a harmonious and stylish combination.

The versatility of grey allows grooms to experiment with different shades and styles. From light grey to charcoal or slate grey, there are options to suit every groom’s taste and complexion. Additionally, grooms can choose among various suit styles, such as slim-fit, three-piece, or tailored suits, depending on their personal preference and the overall wedding theme.

Accessories and Makeup

To complete the look, both the bride and groom can accessorise with complementary jewellery and embellishments. For the bride, beautiful gold or silver jewellery can be adorned, incorporating gemstones in shades of green to complement the lehenga. The groom can opt for accessories like a coordinating tie, pocket square or a statement watch in metallic tones to enhance the overall look.

Makeup and hairstyling should also be taken into consideration to complement the green colourlehenga and grey suit combination. Soft, neutral-toned makeup with a touch of green on the eyes or lips can create a natural and radiant look for the bride. Grooms can opt for a clean and well-groomed hairstyle that compliments their facial features and adds a touch of refinement.

In conclusion, the combination of a green colourlehenga for the bride and a grey suit for the groom offers a trendy and elegant choice for Indian couples. This stylish ensemble not only embraces traditional elements but also adds a modern and refreshing twist to wedding attire. So, for couples seeking a unique and fashionable look on their special day, the pairing of a green lehenga and grey suit is a perfect choice that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.