Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – Mission To Reduce Carbon Footprint and Promote Sustainability

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania – Mission To Reduce Carbon Footprint and Promote Sustainability


Reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable farming practices is the need of the hour. The planet needs to be protected from the ill effects of greenhouse gases, climate change, and global warming. Farmers must step forward to stop conventional industrial farming practices to save the soil and the biodiversity that relies on it for existence.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania –  credible food production company that cares about the health and well-being of the community 

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is a credible food production company specializing in egg shells and organic farming products located in Spring Grove in, Pennsylvania, USA. This company began in 1958 after its founder Orland Bethel who was a coal truck driver in the area of Flushing, OH (on the outskirts of Wheeling, WV), decided to change his career path and started employment in a local egg company in the region. While on the job, he was extremely excited about the prospects of the company where he worked. After some time, he borrowed money to purchase it and started his own business by selling eggs.

In the middle of the 1970s, his company grew, and its operations expanded into new regions like Florida and its surrounding areas. These farms began to raise chickens for the first time. His son, Gary, joined the farms in the 1980s and worked in several places to become an integral part of the company. Later, it expanded further into the regions of Ohio and Pennsylvania. By the year 2000, it grew further and covered major areas like Gettysburg and Spring Grove in the region. During this period, this family-owned company was taking care of more than 10 million chickens on the farms.

Customers always come first  

Currently, the company focuses on quality and ensures that its technologies, farming techniques, and practices it embraces are 100% sustainable in nature. The farms use solar panels and wind energy for their day-to-day activities. They specialize in a wide range of quality egg products like cage-free eggs, organic eggs, free range, and Eggland’s Best range of eggs for their customers. These farms also specialize in various types of cheeses like Deli cheese, the famous food service cheese, and others that are widely purchased by their customers in the region. Besides eggs and cheese, they also sell butter and bagels in the market.

Close to customers to reduce carbon footprint  

These farms believe in staying close to the customers to reduce the carbon footprint in the area. Small steps like this go a long way in protecting the environment. These farms are exemplary and inspiring examples when it comes to sustainable organic farming. It is one of the top egg producers in the nation, known for using eco-friendly practices for agriculture. The bio-fertilizers it makes are produced from plant and animal waste to create nitrogen-fixing crops.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania never uses any synthetic fertilizers for plants. It has earned a number of certifications for animal welfare and its commitment to the environment. These farms are known for their dedication to protecting the Earth and all its living beings with emerging sustainable farming technologies, practices, and techniques.