How ISPS Are Keeping The World Connected In A Time Of Crisis?

How ISPS Are Keeping The World Connected In A Time Of Crisis?


About 20-30 years ago, the internet was a luxury that people could very well live without. Now, it is a necessity to stay connected and updated about everything around you. News, entertainment, communication, work, and schooling are all dependent on the internet. While this has made things easier, it has also made things harder. With a reliable internet connection, you can connect with anyone and do anything but a minor glitch in the system or any connectivity issue renders you helpless. The pandemic has made people aware of this fact.

Whatever city or country you live in, at one point in time, you had to isolate yourselves to the point you couldn’t even meet your family members from another city or country and your neighbors. Although it was a very difficult time for all, the existence of the internet is what helped in this situation. You couldn’t meet your family and friends but at least you could connect with them through the internet.

All of a sudden, internet service providers had been tasked with maintaining their reliability and standards to help millions of people stay connected throughout the world. So, how did they manage? Let’s see what measures they had taken to help communities all around the world.

Prioritizing People Over Profits

While any company must generate profits to run successfully, during the pandemic, many ISPs have generously offered multiple benefits to ease the people’s troubles. It was no secret that a lot of people had lost their jobs and were suffering from financial losses. Because of that, a lot of people had even lost their homes. While they were going through all these troubles, some ISPs had offered to continue serving their users even if they could not pay the monthly fee for the package. Other ISPs offered free internet services to students and healthcare workers. Among all these benefits, some increased data caps for a few months free of charge.

In the earlier part of 2020, the Federal Communications Commission started an initiative called “Keep Americans Connected”. Some of the ways that ISPs were benefitting the community are by not terminating services for residential and small business customers in case they were not able to pay bills for the month. They were also offering Wi-Fi hotspots to people who might need them.

One of these service providers was Wave Internet. They offered low-cost internet services to low-income homes. Moreover, they had affordable plans for anyone to benefit from, especially residential and small businesses affected by the pandemic. To this day, they have affordable plans with reliable internet services suited to any lifestyle.

Quality Service

Just because they were offering free-of-cost services to people does not mean they compromised on internet quality. Service providers continued to offer quality services to everyone. They did this by increasing the data caps and speed of the internet. As everyone was dependent on the internet for schooling, work, communication, and entertainment, service providers needed to strive to improve their quality to keep everyone happy.

New Service Demands

Astechnicians couldn’t come and physically install broadband and other equipment in users’ homes, service providers had to look for other ways to enable users to get internet. The answer to this was a mobile hotspot. Using mobile hotspots was an effective way for a user to get access to the internet and for service providers to continue serving the users.


With the increase of patients, hospitals had become overcrowded and there was the need to build temporary care centers for others. Patients affected with Covid-19 needed to be isolated and thus, many centers had to be established, and many resources were needed. Recording patient data and accessing the hospital’s dataset was one of the biggest questions that needed an answer right away. So, what happened was that ISPs worked with public healthcare organizations to help establish access to the internet so people could continue being treated promptly and without any issues.


No doubt the pandemic was something that nobody ever expected to happen and that’s why nobody had prepared for it either. So, while this was a very tragic and shocking thing to happen, it was also a learning chance. ISPs can learn from this experience and increase their availability through different areas so they can be accessible to more people than before. With newer broadband options like Mobile hotspots and Fiber optics, ISPs can expand their coverage and efficiency.

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