How to choose home lighting like top interior designing companies?

How to choose home lighting like top interior designing companies?


Light is something that is very dear to us. It is a vital part of being human, such that when one gets wise, we say that the person is not bathed in divine light. And such is the reason that light gets revered when we talk about interior designing and luxury. Says Radvi, top Interior Designing Companies in India take lighting with care and respect. It impacts a person spiritually. So, before you Google for the best Architects near me, RadviĀ says, it is important to get some knowledge beforehand.

Right light holds the ability to awaken our emotions towards bliss. Thus, here is a brief about how to choose lighting for your luxury villa or home.

The wreath of light and mind and body!

Some might think of it to be merely a light, but it is much more than it. Light has billions of years of connection to us. When we first open our eyes, we see light; when we close our eyes and open our minds, we see light. Light has the ability to impact our moods easily. There are reasons that bars and pubs have special lighting installed.

There also is a reason why we feel light and easy on a bright vernal day. A joyful breeze fills our hearts and our feet become airy when we see a soothing sunny day. It pleases our mind and mood and body. It impacts our hormones. When natural light enters our body and brain, happy hormones called serotonin get released in our bodies. This is the reason that many people suffer from depression in the winters. It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The solution? To install a high energy bulb that resembles natural light.

On the other hand, a mellow and low light helps us ease our senses and make us feel relaxed. It is similar to when the sun starts to set. Our sleep cycle has evolved according to sunrise and sunset. This is why it becomes utmost important to choose the right lighting type for different needs. Says Radvi, top interior designing companies in India know what lighting works best at what location and at what time. It leads to comfort and sheer luxury. Furthermore, the overall vista spills a poetic sense.

How to choose lighting like the top interior designing companies!

When we talk of lighting, we talk of mood. And there are things that manipulate our moods when it comes to lighting. Here are the 4 factors that let lighting affect the mood –

  • Size of the lighting and its source
  • The direction from which it is coming
  • Which color spectrum does the lighting falls in
  • The color and texture of the furnishing and walls over which light reflects.

According to Radvi, top Interior Designing Companies in India always take care of these 4 factors when choosing room lighting. For example, light too bright or too low can irritate our senses and thus induce panic in the mind.

So, is this all that we need to know before we choose lighting type for our luxury homes and villas? No, there are terminologies that must be known beforehand to make the journey easier.

Terminology about lighting!

These terminologies will provide one with the wisdom that one will need while choosing the lighting type for specific locations.


Also known as candle or candlepower is the unit to measure luminosity. 1 candlepower lamp means it will provide luminosity equal to a candle.

Color temperature

The first time we came to know that humans can perceive only a small spectrum of colors using thermometers, it was because of Herschel. He had used thermometers to measure the temperature of color.

Color temperature gets measured in Kelvin or K. Sunrise has a temperature close to 1800K.

CRI or Color Rendering Index

Sunlight has a CRI of 100 and all the artificial lights get measured against this value. A bulb with higher CRI means that when the light will reflect over objects, it will show their true colors.


It measures the brightness of the light at a point. A typical 60-watt incandescent bulb measures 540 lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter will be the light.


Yes, we know what clicks inside your mind when you hear this. They had named that soap based on the same thing. It is a value that measures general illumination equaling 1 lumen per square meter. Natural daylight measures some 10,000 lux as compared to the office lights, which come around 300-500 lux.

Different types of lighting to choose for your home!

The first thing that one must know beforehand is the two ways the light can illuminate the room –

  • Direct Lighting
  • Indirect Lighting

Direct Lighting is when the source of light is directly illuminating the room without any barrier. Indirect lighting is when the source of light is hidden and the illumination is happening through reflection. Indirect lighting provides soft illumination.

First, we will share with you the different types of soft lighting that you need to know.

Different types of soft lighting!

  • Cornice Lighting – It is a light type that you install behind a board on the ceiling. This way the light indirectly washes over the wall.
  • Valance Lighting – This lighting type gets installed over the window head which thus illuminates the ceiling above and the window below. When choosing aesthete lighting, it is better to look for the guidance of top interior designing companies in India Radvi.
  • Bracket Lighting – The lighting that is the same as valance with only difference being that the windows are not there. It illuminates the ceiling above and wall below. Best way is to mount a few paintings on the wall. You can either have it illuminate the upper/lower side alone or both the sides.
  • Soffit Lighting – This type of lighting gets installed on the soffit which thus illuminates things below. This works best for showers or kitchens or veranda.
  • Base Lighting – Also called Toe-mold lighting, this lighting gets installed on the foot corner of the wall in striped fashion. A deflector generally thus shades this light over to the wall.
  • Toe-Kick Lighting – Also called riser lighting, are generally used on the toekick part of the stairs. Both, this and base lighting, works wonderfully as usher lighting.

Different types of hard / direct lighting!

Direct lighting is used for spaces that require high illumination. For example, you’ll need direct lighting for halls, living rooms, kitchen, kids room, etc. However, the general idea is that, says Radvi, top Interior Designing Companies in India always look for a combination of direct and indirect lighting that can be used everywhere.

Here are a few options to consider for direct lighting –

  • Wall Sconce – These are those small lamp type lights that get mounted on the walls. These are generally low in luminosity and work best for paintings, balconies, etc.
  • Recessed Downlights – These are lights that get fixed under the ceilings in a canister-like ditch.
  • Strip Lighting – Lights placed in a strip like fashion are often called strip lights. These lights work best for grooming areas.
  • Track Lighting – Various adjustable headlights or floodlights get mounted on the ceiling in a track. These lightings work best for wall washing or as accent lighting.
  • Chandeliers – We need not to give a lot of things about it. Chandeliers are just chandeliers and are placed where they should be.
  • Suspended / Pendant lighting – These are the lights that suspend from a position and illuminate the area down to it.
  • Lamps and Torchiere – Lamps come in many different fashions and sizes. Torchiere is a lamp that has a tall foot or stand attached to it.

These are some basics of different options available for lighting the home and washing it with an aura of luxury. If you are looking for an interior designer, we say we believe in Radvi, top Interior Designing Companies in India, and it will serve you the expertise you deserve. If you live in an area where Radvi is not, search for Best Architects near me.

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