How To Keep Your Kitchen Spotless

How To Keep Your Kitchen Spotless


There is no doubt that kitchens are one of those rooms that get used the most and therefore they tend to get dirty in no time. Because we spend so much time there though, having it unclean can really affect every minute we are home. Piling tons of unwashed dishes, having crumbs everywhere and specks of cooking oil all over your counter can be rather irritating when you just want to make a cup of coffee in the morning and there isn’t a clean spot or a cup for the purpose. Let’s be honest, we have all been there.

However, there is a way for you to maintain a pleasant and tidy kitchen so that you will not have to deep clean those hard to scrub off, greasy spots less frequently. Here at We Buy Any House, we have come up with ways for you to keep your kitchen spotless for longer as well as cleaning tips that will get the job done easier and more efficiently.

1. Clean As You Go

One of the most efficient ways to keep a clean kitchen is simply by not letting it get to a point where the mess is so big that you end up putting much more effort into cleaning it than normal. Cleaning as you go has been proven to maintain a tidy space for longer and it makes it easier to do so as well. For instance, after cooking it will be twice as easy to wash the used pots and pans while the food has not yet stuck to them fully. Or wiping down any grease that lands on the surface instantly will spare you from scrubbing it later. What’s more, we often find ourselves waiting for something in the kitchen and that is the ideal time for us to do a quick tidying up or wash a couple of dishes. If you catch yourself waiting for a pot of water to boil or your oven to preheat, you could use that time to do a bit of cleaning around like unloading the dishwasher and putting clean dishes and utensils back to their places or wiping your counters. You will be surprised how much can get done in between cooking.

2. Clean Your Sink After Washing

It seems like a lot of people throw their food in the sink or do not correctly dispose of it before putting it in the sink. That results in having a smelly and dirty sink quite quickly unfortunately. One thing we could suggest is that after finishing washing up you could give your sink a little wipe and scrub the inside while you are at it. It’s super easy and takes no time to do. Touching wet food certainly isn’t one of the most pleasant things to do so preventing it from happening is crucial. Avoid putting dishes in the sink which still have leftover food on them. Instead dump it in the trash bin beforehand and you will save yourself from the unpleasant wet food situation.

3. Wipe Down Wall Splatters Instantly

Most kitchens have splatters all over their walls which are close to the stove and it is perfectly normal. However, these splatters are greasy and tend to be really difficult to clean afterwards. That is why wiping them down every time after cooking will make your life so much easier. What’s more, it reduces the chances of it leaving a permanent stain as well.

4. Keep Your Trash Bin Close

Having a place where you can dispose of any rubbish while being in the kitchen will surely improve the cleanness of it. When we are cooking, we normally tend to leave any vegetable peels or food packaging on the counter. More often than not these items will leave a trace behind, making your countertops dirty and sometimes even unusable. For that reason, it is important to have good access to your trash bin or alternatively create one for yourself. A smart trick is to simply use a compost bowl for all your trash as you are cooking so that you avoid placing dirty stuff on the counter. After all, it is just another bowl to wash or put in the dishwasher.

5. Wipe Down Appliances

The things that gather the most dust and generally get quite dirty really quickly are the kitchen appliances. No matter whether you use them often or not, these items will get dirty just by standing in the same spot. Anything from your coffee machine to your microwave and toaster will eventually need a deep clean but you could afford to procrastinate that if you occasionally dust and wipe them down.

The trick to a spotless kitchen is and always will be to prevent it from becoming a mess in the first place. Little things that you do on a daily basis will help you keep your kitchen area organised and sparkling clean for longer.

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