Must Have Skills If You Are A Professional Writer

Must Have Skills If You Are A Professional Writer


Professional writing is a unique form of writing, a type of writing that can be learned and adopted. The professional business world values different qualities in writing; it wants precision, succinctness, clarity, no fluff; get to the point quickly so I can move on to my next email, or memo, or business letter. This web page offers resources and advice on writing professional documents and pieces that will improve your professional communication and business success.

Here are some tips on writing better professional documents:

Tone: You ever heard of the power tie? Employing a powerful tone in your professional communication will get you far. Write with confidence and self-assurance. No one wants to listen to a business professional who is unsure of himself.

Clarity: Professionals want to be told the facts quickly, clearly, and concisely. Don’t waste anyone’s time with flowery language, pompousness, or unrelated gossip.

Organization: No business professional enjoys nonsensical rambling. Get to your point, explain the point, and explain what you want. Organize your professional content in a logical order.

Courtesy: Don’t get me wrong with the previous points; don’t mistake powerful tone for rudeness. Effective writing in any profession hinges on courtesy and professionalism. Be polite; you don’t have to step on people’s toes or burn down buildings in your professional communication. Honey attracts more bees than vinegar.

Proofread: Nothing says, “I’m lazy and incompetent” like a professional document full of typos and grammatical errors. Read your professional document twice before sending it out. If you have poor grammar, seek professional instruction to improve. Yes, it’s that important. If you do not poses the right summarizing skills or better say paraphrasing skill then start using the rephrase tool which will help you write unique content.

I highly recommend a few outstanding books and guides on pro writing:

This book is an effective tool for producing clear, concise, and persuasive professional prose. Equally useful to executives and support staff in all professions, it shows how to: write clearly and powerfully; rid writing of jargon and pompous language; organize material effectively; and avoid errors in spelling, grammar, and usage.

Effective Business Writing: Strategies, Suggestions, and Examples. This guide discusses the elements essential to good writing in professional business.

Communications Experts at the Fortune 500. This guide is today’s most comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-use guide for writing effectively in any profession. It is filled with tips and advice for improving your on-the-job writing skills, whether it’s an email, business letter, memo, or business plan.

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