Roles of a family mediation lawyer in Surrey

Roles of a family mediation lawyer in Surrey


Surrey is among the wealthiest regions in England. It is the home to Leith hill, famed for its stunning views that include a picture of the sea. Many famous musicians hail from surrey. They have Kenny jones, Rodger Taylor, and brian may. It is also the cemetery of the most renowned wood smith Freddie mercury.

Just like any society, Surrey is affected by high rates of family breakups and divorces. However, mediation is typical here in Surrey, England.

Mediation is a structured procedure that enables two warring couples to discuss their disputes objectively to solve their conflict with the aid of a legal professional who comes in as a third party.

Mediation surrey ensures that both parties reach an agreement through proper communication and negotiation. However, in family mediation, the disputants play a significant role in ensuring that they solve the dispute in the most amicable way possible.


The first step to ensure that couples do not break up is to invite a mediator. In a dispute, everybody would like to reduce expenses, including legal fees. Therefore, divorce mediation surrey is the most common one here.

The first thing the mediator will do is lay a proper foundation and develop critical points of mediation. They will ensure that the disputants maintain an objective goal of solving their disputes.

At this stage. Mediators will also ensure that relevant documents are available and prepared before mediation. In this, clients need to be more knowledgeable. As a mediator, you can recommend to them and advocates to guide them through.

During mediation,

The advocates will play the role of a guide to each of the disputants. His role will guide his client on how best to present their issues during the mediation procedure.

Advocates will guide each client to understand legal aspects, including legal implications, risks, and gains associated with their case. During this stage, the advocates will show each disputant to come up with an amicable solution and hence help them from plunging into a pressured settlement. Various proposals are made during this stage.


This stage has two outcomes. It is either the process is successful or unsuccessful. If the mediation procedure goes through successfully, the advocates to each disputant will seek to prepare an agreement form that both parties should sign.

If contested unsuccessfully, the advocates may recommend that each disputant seek the services of divorce lawyer Surrey.  This means heading to the courts.

Advantages of family mediation

Divorce is not a cup of coffee or a walk in the park. It leaves behind devastating effects. Therefore, below are some advantages of hiring a mediation lawyer to solve your family disputes.  They include:

It is non-hostile. This process is voluntary; no party forces the other to appear at the mediation table.

It is efficient, ensures privacy, and it is cost-effective.


Regardless of the situation, family mediation is among the most innovative ways to solve family disputes. It is an amicable process that allows you to solve issues calmly and privately. In addition, this divorce option allows for greater flexibility that helps two that work together and against each other with the main aim of solving a dispute.