Stunning Flowers That Bloom Even In The Dead of Winter

Stunning Flowers That Bloom Even In The Dead of Winter


Even though it is getting chilly day by day in every part of the country, it really doesn’t mean that we will miss out on all the sight of beautiful blooms. Many perennials, annuals, and shrubs bloom in the coldest month of the year. However, these plants require their roots to be established before the winters so that they get completely fixed in the soil. While there are many plants that bloom in the winters, there are some plants that bloom in the chilly winter months. Here are some stunning plants that bloom in the  winters and spread colors and happiness.

Pansies: These flowers bloom in mild winters and some rebound in the spring in the cold climate. These plants are technically known as annual plants and many varieties drop seeds to come back again in the next spring. Pansies are beautiful flowers usually of purple and violet colors and look amazingly beautiful. 

Snowdrops: Also known as Galanthus, these plants must be planted in fall for an early spring bloom. These beautiful droopy-headed flowers look best at the front of borders or in rock gardens and start blooming when the snow is still on the ground or in chilly winter mornings.

Winter Jasmine: With long arching branches and bright yellow flowers, these blooms have a very striking appearance. In the dull landscape of late winter, these blooms look beautiful and make your surroundings look colorful even in the dull winters.

Hellebores: Also known as Lenten roses as they bloom around the time of Lent appear in mid to late winters depending on your location. These flowers have a delicate appearance but are as tough as nails. Blooming in beautiful pink and purple hues, these flowers will surely make your day brighter.

Winterberry: A deciduous holly, this plant drops its leaves in winters, however the berry-laden branches pop against a carpet of snow. The male pollinator plant produces the berries of beautiful red color and looks amazing on a chilly winter afternoon.

Cyclamen: Popular as a houseplant, this flower blooms in mild climates and blooms in beautiful shades of pink, white, lavender and fuchsia and are used as a cheerful ground  cover. These plants prefer winter  sun and summer shade and are known to adorn the beauty of the interiors.

Camellia: These evergreen shrubs have white, pink and red flowers that bloom from fall through winter. There are a hundred varieties of these plants available that bloom throughout the year and hence you need to look for the ones that bloom in winters.

Well, now you know that there is a wide variety of plants that bloom in winters and if you are planning to surprise your loved ones with these beautiful flowers, arrange for an online flower delivery in Jaipur and other major cities and bring beautiful smiles on their lovely faces.