Tattoo Trends: Staying Ahead of the Curve with Temporary Tattoo Collections

Tattoo Trends: Staying Ahead of the Curve with Temporary Tattoo Collections


Temporary tattoos are a fling that can enhance your sense of style. They can be simple, intricate, modern, and realistic, thus suiting most parties and events. They enhance your looks and eliminate lifelong commitments as they fade away within days. And that’s not all: numerous exciting trends and emerging temporary tattoo designs exist. Here are the trends in temporary tattoos

1. Realistic temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos that look real are a great fulfillment. These tattoos come in various great designs to enhance your looks and feel. Also, you can request a custom realistic tattoo that matches your beliefs and preferences.

2. Number-tattoos

You can enhance your tattoo collection by applying a number non-permanent tattoos. You can place the number anywhere, including on your legs, arms, or back. It helps you add a unique and creative touch to your skin and style. When deciding where to place your number tattoo, consider the size and complexity of its design.

3. Custom temporary tattoos

You can create a custom tattoo to match your needs or occasion. For instance, you can apply Temporary tattoos for graduation to celebrate and showcase your achievement. You can use Inbox to make the tattoos or utilize pre-made graphics to arrange and sort. You can remove them by rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or makeup remover.

4. Black and white temporary tattoos

lack and white tattoos are a popular trend among tattoo enthusiasts. It enhances your looks and ranges from subtle and dainty to intricate designs. They help you test-drive tattoo options and express yourself in a unique way. Also, the tattoos are available in various styles, and you can apply them on your arm, legs, chest, back, etc.

5. Vintage-style temporary tattoos

You can enhance your look by applying a classic, temporary and vintage-inspired tattoo. You’ll get various designs like hearts, roses, swallows, anchors, and eyes. Vintage-style tattoos are easy to apply, and their shading looks nice. Also, you can get waterproof and durable ones that can last for three to five days.

6. Temporary tattoos with inspirational quotes

Most people are shifting to temporary tattoos with inspirational quotes. The tattoos come with phrases to inspire and instantly describe your personality. Also, the tattoos are easy to apply, and you can remove them with an oil-based liquid.

How to make temporary tattoos

How are temporary tattoos made?” is most tattoo enthusiasts’ top question. The answer depends on the tattoo’s design, ink, and size. But in general, you can make temporary tattoos using an eyeliner pencil, a stencil, and printing one on paper.

The process involves three stages.

  • Designing the tattoo
  • Printing the tattoo
  • Applying it to your skin

Tips for applying temporary tattoos

  • Location matters: increase the lifespan of your temporary tattoo by locating it in areas that don’t bend or stretch much, have minimal body hair, and will not rub against clothing.
  • Apply to clean and dry skin: Ensure your skin is dry and free from lotion or make up to help your tattoo stick properly.
  • Cut the design out: achieve a cleaner look by cutting out the design accurately. Also, press down firmly when applying the tattoo to avoid creating air bubbles.


The above are the popular temporary tattoo collection trends. Applying them to your skin will give it an elegant look and make a statement about your style. Also, the tattoos allow you to play with various placements and designs and fade away within days