Use these different techniques to write on your cake

Use these different techniques to write on your cake


Positive words can have a positive impact and some influential words written on any card or a piece of paper if sent along any gift can really change the meaning of your gift or can easily express your reason for sending the gift. Any positive quote on the cake relating to the situation can make the person overwhelmed for whom the cake is ordered. People also like it when any birthday quote or saying is written on the cake which can also be according to the nature of the person or relationship of that person with others whether it is the birthday cake for mothers, father, brother or sister. If you have beautiful handwriting, then you should showcase it by writing on the cake prepared at your home by your mother or anyone who loves baking cakes. As cakes are eaten on every occasion, the words should also relate to the occasion. This needs time and effort to think of beautiful quotes to relate to the situations. You can try the following techniques to write meaningful words beautifully on the cake.

With the help of homemade plastic cones

You can use plastic bags of any kind for making cones and you can easily write using these cones on any cake. The plastic bag should be cut into square pieces of adequate size and then, should be folded to make cones. You should apply tape while folding the plastic sheet so that it remains in the shape. It should be properly sealed from its sides so that there should not be any leakage. When your cone is ready you can put melted chocolate or color frosting in it to write anything or make any pattern on the cake.

With the help of homemade plastic nozzles

It is not so easy to find nozzles to be used for ornamentation on cakes. Instead of wasting time on finding nozzles for purchasing, you can make them reusing plastic bottles at your home for which you will not have to spend even a single penny or rupee. This is helpful for those people who do not have enough money to spend and want to learn baking. With the help of these nozzles, you can definitely make patterns on your cakes similar to some of those on cakes that you buy getting delivery of cakes and bouquet online.

Any pamphlet on the plastic bottle and its lid should be removed before cutting it. Then, you should take out the center part of the bottle to make a sheet of it by removing the upper and the lower part. The cylindrical center part should be cut from one side in such a way that it takes the form of a sheet. Next, you should cut out small pieces of this sheet to make nozzles of different designs and double or triple layers of tape should be used on these nozzles so that these remain in shape. The small pieces should be folded in the shape of small cones and should be cut to give each of them a different shape like star shape, leaf shape, round shape, etc. Forgiving the star shape, you should cut a small portion of the nozzle from its peak and then should draw v shapes all together on the sides of the cut. Thus, the pattern should be cut out which gives the paste star shape when used.

You can use these nozzles with cones of plastic by putting the nozzles in the cone. The front of the cone should be visible as it is to be used for which you should cut a small portion of the plastic cone. By cutting some parts of the cone from its peak, a small portion of the nozzle can be visible.

In situations like lockdown when the markets are closed, people have to be self-sufficient and in order to prepare for these kinds of situations, one should have knowledge about different techniques by which he or she can easily prepare things at home.

Writing on a cake is definitely not a cup of tea as you can make mistakes as you can do while writing on paper, so you should first use a toothpick to write roughly on the cake like the name of the person for whom the cake is prepared and then you can write using your nozzle tube.

You can use the frosting of the color which suits the color of your cake and you can even get the different colors by adding food colors to it. Colorful gels and melted chocolate are also used to decorate the cake, which is to draw anything on the surface of the cake or even to write anything funny for friends on the cake.