Why is an Accessibility Overlay Better Than Developers for Small Business Sites?

Why is an Accessibility Overlay Better Than Developers for Small Business Sites?


As a business owner, you should never overlook the significance of accessibility, neither in the digital nor physical world. You must ensure your site is accessible online for every user, including those with physical disabilities, to ensure open and fair Internet access is rendered to all your site visitors.

The need for an accessibility overlay tool for business growth

The CDC has laid down that 25% of the population in the USA live with some form of disability. This percentage is indeed a significant one, not only from an ethical perspective but also from a traffic point of view as well. Many business websites cannot afford to lose such a huge portion of potential customers for their companies.

Legislation for business sites -They must comply with accessibility rules

In order to meet ethical standards, several nations have incorporated legislation for mandating all business sites to meet specific requirements, or else they will be charged hefty fines. The issue here is for many small businesses as they do not have the expertise or the knowledge to ensure everything on their sites is in order. Large companies, however, do not face this problem because they have a dedicated team of skilled web developers to look into their site accessibility needs. They are able to afford the team and incur additional expenses for the maintenance of their sites as well.

An accessibility overlay is the only solution for businesses that cannot afford the costs of development needed for website accessibility. It is an automated application that can execute changes to the site to enhance its accessibility.

What is the meaning of an overlay?

The term “overlay” signifies that it sits on the top of the base code without making any changes to the source code. There is a low risk, and the overlay gives the business the assurance that the site’s existing code will not be broken.

Bank on an AI-empowered accessibility overlay tool for your business needs

You might be unsure whether you should bank on a developer team or install an overlay to fix accessibility issues. Experts in the area recommend you use an overlay tool to identify site problems and make adjustments to its content faster. The tools currently available in the market have been created to keep future needs in mind. The companies that create them regularly update the overlay technology for making the changes promptly as and when they appear in government rules and legal regulations.

If you are changing the code of the website by yourself and are not a skilled professional, you should not try to work on its accessibility. Experts recommend you not to do this by yourself. In case you overlook something or even make a mistake, you will make your business open to lawsuits. It is prudent for you to use an accessibility overlay with the power of artificial intelligence to make your site accessible and compliant with ADA and WCAG.