YouTube’s Secret – How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

YouTube’s Secret – How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos


After starting a YouTube channel, the first objective of everyone is to get more views on their videos. But, despite being the second largest website on the Internet, it’s quite challenging to increase the number of views on YouTube, especially if you have just launched your channel. It’s no secret that people like YouTube a lot so much so that they even binge-watch random videos for several hours. 

However, it’s still worth noting that YouTube is a competitive market. It doesn’t matter which niche you belong to, the odds for someone else publishing the same content are quite higher. So, what would be your approach to stand out, get YouTube subscribers, and more views on your channel? Well, like everything else, if you follow the right approach, you’ll be able to achieve success on YouTube. 

Here we are going to share a few helpful tips that’ll allow you to make your videos reach more viewers and skyrocket the total number of views on your channel. 

Publish Informative and Engaging Content

Before everything else, you should focus on publishing high-quality videos that either educate the user on a specific topic or entertain them. When your content will provide value to the viewers, they’ll automatically want to come back for more videos and as a result, you’ll be able to get instant YouTube subscribers

In fact, if your video quality is top-notch, it won’t even matter which camera gear you used to shoot the videos. Even if you have shot the entire 5-minute video on your phone, you’ll be able to engage the viewers till the end, considering it has a captivating storyline. To create such valuable content, you’ll have to do your research thoroughly and pick topics that’ll help stand apart from others. 

Optimize Your Videos for Google Search Results

Fun fact: Google often displays YouTube videos in its search results for a specific user query. This means that if you want to get more views on your videos, you’ll also have to optimize them for Google search results. To do this, you can start to look for topics that already appear in search results. 

Once you have found 2-3 topics, pick one that you think will be most entertaining for your viewers. Now, after creating the complete video, you’ll have to optimize it in such a way that Google automatically ranks it in SERP. You can do this by adding the target keyword in your video’s title and description. You can also add relevant tags in the description box as this will help you make your videos search engine friendly. The best part is that optimizing your videos for Google will also help rank higher in YouTube search results.

Share Your Videos on Your Website

If you also run a website or blog side-by-side, it’ll be a great opportunity to use it and leverage your website traffic to get more views on YouTube. Simply find a relevant blog post that resembles the video’s topic and embed your video’s link in it. 

Anyone who’ll read your blog will automatically watch the video and you’ll be able to increase the total number of views in no time. Of course, this trick will only work if your website gets decent traffic and your web pages actually rank in Google search results.    

Buy Subscribers for Your Channel

If your channel is relatively new and you don’t have any website to promote it, we recommend buying YouTube subscribers and views from a trusted platform. When you’ll buy YouTube subscribers, you’ll easily surpass the initial barrier that makes it awkward for people to continue their YouTube journey. 

Once your channel will have a decent number of subscribers, your confidence will automatically boost and it’ll eventually reflect in your videos. But, while buying subscribers, make sure to look for a seller that provides authentic subscribers and not bots. Because the latter might even get your channel banned, considering YouTube is strictly against bots and fake views. 

The Final Words

So, that’s how you can get more YouTube views on your videos. Apart from the above-mentioned tricks, you can also use your existing social media following to get YouTube subscribers and increase the overall watching hours for your channel.