Add an Antique Look to your Home with these Paintings

Add an Antique Look to your Home with these Paintings


With so many distinct rituals and festivals, India impresses everyone. Just like our diverse country, Indian art symobolizes tradition that is passed on to us for ages. Indian paintings are one of the best antique home décor items that take just seconds to give your space an antique or vintage look. Whether you choose devotional Buddha painting or ages-old Pichwai artwork, you will always make a home décor statement. The antique painting forms possess that potential to create a timeless impression on everyone.

Nowadays, you can find tons of options for antique or vintage look paintings online. However, how do you pick up the right one for your home theme? Don’t you think it’s a quite challenging task? To assist you to choose the best painting for an antique home interior look, we have some suggestions for you. So, go through this blog post till the end.

1. Pichwai Paintings

Being an Indian, you must have heard a lot of stories of Lord Krishna. His childhood incidents, the purpose of life, and of course about his love story. These mythological tales are an important aspect of Indian culture. If you are someone who is Lord Krishna’s devotee, you should bring Pichwai painting to your home. This particular form of painting portaysKanha Ji’s life. Created by a group of painters, Pichwai paintings are designed on cloth most of the time. It has attained extraordinary recognition and appreciation over the years. If we talk about the current scenario, these ultra-beautiful styles are utilized to beautify kurtas, sarees, and shawls.

Earlier these paintings can only be seen in the Hindu devotional spaces like temples. However, their beautify has impressed people to a certain level that they can now be seen in homes as a piece of home décor artifact. So, you can definitely get a Pichwai painting and get your home dressed up with an antique makeover.

2. Pattachitra Paintings

If you are an art lover, Pattachitra paintings are sure to blow your mind away. The traditional and age-old art style is nowadays widely adopted to design artifacts for home décor, including wall hangings, paintings, etc. This painting style mainly comes from West Bengal and Odisha. Talking about the designs, they particularly accentuate the stories of Subhadra, Balabhadra, and Lord Jagannath. Additionally, Pattachitra painting also tell the tales of Lord Ganesha and Krishna.

This is one of the prettiest antique-look paintings as it’s created on cloth with a mix of gum and chalk. This décor piece is an artistic option to extend an Indian feel to your home. Not just these give a positive feel to the home space but also add a much-needed decorative lift.

3. Buddha Paintings

You must have seen Buddha artworks in some of the international countries like Thailand and Japan. Have you ever thought that why Lord Buddha is given so much importance there? One of the main reasons is the sense of purity and peace. Apart from it, Buddha painting give the space an antique look and feel. When a single artwork fulfills both the requirements of home décor and devotion then why not consider it.

Buddha paintings give a traditional feel while adding serenity to the home. Usually, people love to add Buddha Ji at their entryways or in the living room. This is because everyone in the family or guests should get that traditional vibe.

4.Classical Indian Art

Classical Indin Art is another great type of paintings to give your lovely home an antique appearance and vibe. It has a magical touch. Each painting is more than just a work of vibrant brushstrokes but it’s a historic lesson. You get to learn a lot about ancient lifestyle, rituals, and festivals.

Classical Indian Art gives you so many options to choose from, including Rajasthani paintings, Deccani Indian Art Paintings, Pahari paintings, and Mughal paintings. If we talk about the most loved form of classical Indian art paintings then Mughal and Rajasthani paintings come at the top of the list.

Final Words

These thoughtful painting ideas will provide your house with an antique look without overspending. They are not only a definite way to bring some energy to your space but also give a new look to it. As these paintings highlight deities, you can extend a devotional vibe to everyone in the home. So, if you are finding something to add an antique touch to your home, nothing could be better than these paintings.

We would be happy to know about your top choice(s) from these paintings!

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