What is the Importance of Spirituality – Teal Swan Elaborates Few Ways in Which Being Spiritual Can Enhance Your Life

What is the Importance of Spirituality – Teal Swan Elaborates Few Ways in Which Being Spiritual Can Enhance Your Life


You could be forgiven for feeling put off when you hear the word ‘spirituality. It has, after all, been often considered to be a practice that necessitates prayer beads, meditation cushions, chants, spells, and other such odds and ends. But in reality, spiritual practice is simply something you do regularly that helps you connect to your inner soul and understand who you really are. You can approach it through any medium, whether religion, meditation, or even personal reflection. You do it without even thinking about stopping, thus contributing to your life on earth that is continually unfolding.

Here are some ways in which that benefits you as per Teal Swan

1. Spirituality makes you more grateful

There have been numerous psychological studies that have proven that the virtue of gratitude is consistently and strongly associated with an array of positive and affirmative human emotions, such as happiness, optimism, and contentment. Teal Swan says that spirituality encourages you to be more grateful and appreciative of what you have, allowing you to experience the aforesaid emotions.

2. Spirituality can help you restore your lost sense of purpose

At any moment in life, when you feel lost or without a purpose, delving into the realm of spirituality can help you recover. This is the time when your fundamental spiritual needs will begin to emerge, allowing you to identify and acknowledge them. Whether it is reflecting on your past actions, thoughts or transgressions, or the need for direction in life, it can help you come to terms with your failures and regrets and motivate you to start anew.

3. Spiritual people are more capable of self-actualization

When you begin your path towards leading a more spiritual life, you inextricably strive for a better life, which, in turn, pushes you to achieve personal growth and fulfillment. Self-actualization is the key to that. Spirituality entails focusing on your divine self and realizing your true potentials so that you are able to find the real meaning in life.

4. Spirituality enhances your positive thinking

The most life-changing spiritual books talk about a higher power. And when you realize that there is a higher power, one that is much beyond the material entanglements of your physical self, you immediately gain a sense of better control. And that has a positive impact on your thinking. You can now think more clearly, without being distracted by negative or critical thoughts.

Spirituality has always been associated with better physical and mental health and well-being. There are some popular spiritual books that can help you get started on your path to spirituality. There are experts available online who can help you understand the true meaning of spirituality and how to embrace it. Teal Swan suggests seeking experts or mentors who can guide you towards the spiritual and make you understand the different ways of achieving spirituality. You can also easily find such books online.