Benefits Of Learner Experience Platform

Benefits Of Learner Experience Platform


Businesses are opting to upskill & reskill personnel online more often now than ever, a trend that has been rising since the Covid-19 outbreak. Specific investments in learning technology are needed to provide successful online learning in such a corporate environment. These technologies should allow digital learning in any location, anywhere, at any time, and using any device. The Learner Experience Platform, called LXP for brief, is a system at the vanguard of digital educational enablement.

SaaS (Software as the Service) hosted on the cloud service is an LXP. LPs combine external and internal learning & information platforms from different businesses into a single customer experience that houses all teaching in a simple-to-use interface driven by Ai Technology (AI) & Machine Learning (ML).

Online training has proven valuable and successful in remote, residence, and mixed working environments. Without stepping foot inside a physical classroom, learners may now connect, share, participate, and collaborate via virtual learning activities, collaborative and social learning, including self-paced e-learning.

How would platforms for the learner experience operate?

Corporate HR databases(SSO), including existing external and internal “Trusted Sources” of information and learning, are all connected with LXPs to provide learners with a wholly unified & closely integrated experience. Gone are the times of disjointed, unconnected material catalogues, several user profiles, login details, and databases of record, as well as cumbersome user interfaces that hinder learning.

The LXP places the learners at the centre of the encounter by concentrating on their requirements and tailoring the experience by utilizing AI to provide suggestions based on self-identified educational objectives. To give a uniform and effective representation of the learning across all sources that the LXP is linked to, LXPs conceal the fundamental complexity of integrating with several Trustworthy Sources of learning content.

LPs allow widgets integrated into well-known corporate applications, standalone mobile apps, & browsers to educate workflow.

Three requirements for a learning management system

How would you determine the extent to which your company’s learningexperience platform software is sufficient? You may evaluate the platform’s effectiveness by using the following criteria:

1. It must be created for students.

A wide variety of software available provides learning suites that can be overkill for regular workers. A perfect piece of software would give a straightforward user interface, be customized for each applicant, and be easy to use. It should undoubtedly be simple and devoid of any intricacy. Additionally, they need to be capable of working with a varied group of co-workers.

2. Should prioritize innovation

The learning industry has seen a significant transition in recent years due to the widespread use of technology across various businesses. Learning management systems should strive for constant improvement and include many cutting-edge features if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

3. Should provide a thorough analysis

Are you unwilling to learn how your effort is doing? Before spending time, energy, and action on various software, set a goal to confirm that now the software provides in-depth analyses of each learning technique you use as an educational manager and just a company utilizes throughout the whole process.

An Experiential Learning Platform is what, exactly?

It is hard to identify actual skill gaps in a function’s workforce, and the learning and growth process is among the most challenging responsibilities for a company. The L&D leader must evaluate or depend on group managers to determine which applicants need training, which might result in inefficient instruction or biases inside the ecosystem. LXP is crucial in situations like this.

 LXP is a customized learning environment for a person using social & internet channels. Like how online content providers or streaming services sometimes tailor your feeds depending on consumption preferences.

Many businesses use LXP since it aids candidates in studying more effectively than standard LXPS. The scaling of the campaign from the personal to the organizational level is where it is most beneficial. Both mid-sized businesses and major corporations are widely using LXP.

Let’s examine some advantages of employing an LXP:

1. Branching as a team

Another critical benefit of LXP was that it might be utilized by several organizations and units while interfering with one another’s learning processes. Similar to how regular training sessions are conducted. The manager limits the number of active users from such a team, interacts with or invites pertinent team members, provides access to information, establishes objectives and learning routes, monitors progress, and does much else.

2. Social and hybrid learning

Management can experiment while learning online by using various learning strategies, such as socialization, blended learning, inverted learning, quick learning, narrative, micro-learning, etc., determining which knowledge fits the product very best while keeping an eye on the efficiency matrix.

3. Personalized Learning Pathways

Learning routes might be created using learning resources from both internal and external online sources. The development of the students may be managed through these learning routes, which can be adapted into the section of the course’s structural content.

4. Follow-up and reporting

The majority of contemporary LXPs include candidate real-time monitoring. Multiple question kinds are available in the integrated quiz tools. Managers may discover learning gaps & fill them by using more up-to-date reports that include relevant information.

5. On-the-Go Learning

LXP is the ideal platform for individuals who want to study on the move. LXP makes learning simple by supporting all platforms and all kinds of information. Candidates are free to access the material whenever they are more interested.

A standard LMS or training tool may miss some of the best information, and the learner may feel like it is being spoon-fed. On the contrary hand, the LXP’s main feature, “Learn inside the flow of both the job,” enables individuals to learn more effectively, upskill, and maximize their capabilities.


Make sure the excellent LXP solutionsyou choose for your company are simple. It also needs to be able to accommodate the organizational functions already in place and the company’s specific requirements. For the management program to support the learning software’s success, it needs to be on the same page.

It is crucial to consider the cost and amount of time when picking the program. Make sure the program doesn’t take a lot of time. A perfect piece of software would be able to carry out various activities and eventually phase out paper-based processes.

Both technologies and industry trends are evolving, and solutions are currently being developed to satisfy organizational requirements. As a result, educating and keeping excellent individuals with such sophisticated, cutting-edge technologies may give you a competitive advantage as a development and learning manager.