UX and UI Designer: Scope in India

UX and UI Designer: Scope in India


Are you a creative person? When you see empty spots and you come up with a unique and innovative concept. Then the answer is yes you are. In that case, setting your creativity in the right direction matters. You can become a visual designer by opting for B. Des course and achieve great things with your creative thought, original logic, and inventive ideas.

Scope in India

Design is an amalgamation of arts and sciences. It requires creative imagination, logical thinking, and a bit of calculation. We live in the digital world, here every company needs a design to promote and popularise their brand in the business.

What is a B. Des Course?

B.Des in Bachelor of Design. It is a 4-year undergraduate course that focuses on technical and empirical elements of designing. It offers specialisations in product designing, industrial designing, graphic designing, UX designing, VFX designing, multimedia, etc.

Out of all the specialisations, the market is enormously looking for UX/UI designers. Today every business is using its official website and 100s of applications are being launched every day increasing the scope of UX designers in India.


  • To get admission in the B. Des course to become a UI UX designer, the candidate must need to complete its 12th standard in any stream
  • The candidate needs to be at least 19-20 years old
  • They have to take entrance tests called UCEED, SEED, UID DAT, etc.

1. Des UI and UX designers

The entire functioning of a website or an application completely depends on seamless, responsive, and excellent design. A user witnesses a positive or an unfavorable experience while operating the applications or a website because of the UI/UX design development. UI is the user interface that looks after the visual navigation of the application whereas UX is the user experience that takes care of smooth-easy usability, and accessibility, of the application or website, in short, a UX designer is responsible for smooth audience interaction with the application or the website. The demand for UI/UX designers in India is increasing every day. Looking at the higher requirements and the scope of UI/UX designers in India, many colleges are providing high-quality B.Des courses.

Scope of UI UX designer in India

Before enrolling in any course it is crucial to understand the scope and opportunities it offers. Below are a few scope and opportunities for a UI UX developer/ designer

Full stack UI UX developer

Being a UI UX designer your chances for employability increase enormously. Knowing UI and UX both lets you work in front-end and back-end development.

Product designing

In the B. Des course of UI UX, you are trained in excellent product designing knowledge too. A perfect way to promote a product and service and forward great opportunities for visual designers.

Search-engine ranking

A better user experience is crucial for a webpage as it helps it to rank on top of the search engines. A well-designed, smooth functioning, easy-to-use application or website attracts more viewers.

AI environment

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in technology and design. AI has already caused a stir in the visual designing industry of UI/UX. We can witness a significant revolution being brought about through it in a variety of industries, including the automotive and entertainment sectors.

Things to note

A UI/UX designer is not similar to a web designer. UX designer scope or a UI designer’s role is much broader and skilful. They are responsible for providing a customisable experience to users and are engaged in the end-to-end process of website/app creation.

What is the average salary of a UI IX developer after B.Des?

The average annual salary of a UI UX developer after a B. Des course is ₹5,50,000


A website or an application is the front face of any brand today. The key to building a brand and connecting with customers is having a solid, engaging, and user-friendly website or app. This clarifies the scope of UI UX designers and the huge need for their expertise in this area

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1. Is UX design a good career in India?

Yes, being a UX designer brings massive career opportunities in every field because they are involved in the end-to-end process of a project’s lifespan.

2. Is UX design in demand in India?

Yes, In India, there is a huge demand for UX designers/developers. Over the past five years, the need for both new and established UI/UX designers has skyrocketed.

3. Is there any scope for a UI UX designer?

Being a UI UX designer if you can hone your skills in visual designing, detailed understanding of a human-computer interface, web designing, and graphic designing, you’re in for an incredible career with a lot of opportunities.