How to rock the “old money” aesthetic

How to rock the “old money” aesthetic


How many of us ladies wouldn’t want to be seen as elegant and classy? Today we will talk about the old money aesthetic, the style that can make you seem like everything you’ve ever wanted to be perceived. By following the pieces of advice from this article, you will always look posh, sophisticated, and wealthy even when your financial situation is not the best.

First of all, let’s dive into what exactly the “old money” aesthetic is. Old Money is an aesthetic created around a wealthy, classic style and it usually refers to people who were born and raised in rich families and that have inherited their wealth instead of working for it. When it comes to clothing, old money women (and men, too) generally prefer quality over the name of the brand, which makes them so different in comparison to the new money style, where people like to show off with their clothing and to dress in a way that every logo that they’re wearing can be seen. When you see those people, they always look like they are dressed in expensive, high-quality clothing even though they are not wearing clothing with any brands or logos displayed. These women might not stand out of the crowd, but it is not their intention in the first place. They always look reserved and even a bit intimidating to approach. Their clothes are classy, modest, and sometimes they might even seem a bit old-fashioned, especially in comparison to today’s trends. They like neutral colors, and on the rare occasions when they are wearing something bright such as red or green, it always looks good and correctly chosen on them.  In the media, this style can be observed in the outfits of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, the Gucci family from the House of Gucci, as well as almost all family members from the Knives Out movie.

Now that we’ve figured out what old money is, let’s discuss how exactly to create outfits that would represent this aesthetic. The main idea of this style is that “Money talks, wealth whispers”, which in simpler words means that regardless of how much money you have, style and fashion taste is something that cannot be bought. No Gucci bags or Chanel dresses can save the situation when a person doesn’t have internal class and manners. So, there are a few things to take into consideration when looking forward to creating your looks. It is important to dress in high quality fabrics, preferably natural ones such as wool, tweed, cotton, and cashmere. Although they might be expensive, they are 100% worth the investment, because they will last much longer than any garment made of synthetic fibers. There are a few things that cannot be absent from your wardrobe, such as cardigans, skirts, blouses, dresses (both casual and formal), suits, blazers, and different accessories such as a classic black designer bag without a logo, pearl and diamond jewelry, sunglasses, leather gloves and hats for the colder time. For example, you can create an outfit by pairing a tweed skirt with a cashmere cardigan, or a silk blouse with cotton trousers. Woolen sweaters are another must have that any old money person has and wears both on an everyday basis and for more specific events, such as playing polo or golf. If you are looking for such a sweater, Tara has 100% Irish woolen sweaters for women that are classy and look posh, being exactly what you need for this aesthetic. Another rule is to take good care of your clothing, to wash it accordingly, to fix any imperfections, and to never go out with wrinkly, linty clothes, since they will immediately make your whole outfit look cheap. And remember, in this case, clothing is only a wrapping, the most important aspect being your manners, upbringing, and charm.